Byko Training Boxing Gloves

Color: White Black
Size: 10oz
Sale price£25.99


Synthetic Leather:

The BYKO boxing gloves are made of  quality Synthetic Leather that make sure and guarantee long-term endurance and excellent combat performance.

The simple construction allows easy and comfortable  movement and keeps the articulation of the hand from the wrist to the fist in an optimal position.  The boxing glove provides improved clenching of your fist for more energy in the punch.
Basic guide to sizing;

 •      4oz   - form around 4-5 years;

•       6oz   - from around 5 years to 7 years old;

•       8oz   - size for women; teenagers;

•       10oz - size for men; size for women;

•       12oz - starter size for men; second size for women;

•       14oz - Ideal for sparring; use for practice;

•       16oz - used by experienced.

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